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About Us


We are homesteaders and permaculture enthusiasts who have chosen to live together in community, here in Cedar Creek, Texas.  We are passionate about creating a Texas version of a sustainable Food Forest, using permaculture techniques.   We are interested in regenerating/creating a diverse native habitat that allows for and encourages the local flora and fauna to thrive, i.e. insects, bees, butterflies, native song birds (especially those at risk), reptile, etc..  We are into creating a healthy, thriving, sustainable ecosystem/environment and inviting other likeminded folks of all ages to come learn, grow, eat and have fun with us.


Fran LaMantia

Head Gardener

Administration/Land Owner

Fran is originally from North Carolina, but has called Austin, TX her home for 27 years.  She has a BA in Early Childhood Education from San Jose State University in California.  Fran has been backyard gardening for over 20 years.  It turned into an obsession in the last 10 years.  Fran is passionate about creating a native Texan food forest, raising her ducks and chickens and sharing her love of growing food with anyone that will listen!  Her interests include Ecstatic Dance, drawing, painting and Scrabble.


Richie Phoenix

Master Craftsman & Teacher

Richie believes in a world for "our children's, children" that is achievable when individuals take responsibility for a piece of the earth - no matter how big or small - and "build back" what nature knows best - circular sustainable ecosystems.  Coming from a family of inventors, Richie has spent over 50,000 hours in 7 different trades, while continuously showing others what and how to use modern technologies to build back native  ecosystems. He believes the seeds of cultural growth lie in sharing this knowledge. From linear helical water catchment design to solar steam power generation, Richie strives to plant knowledge to "build the bridges" of personal purpose and empowerment.


Barbara Newitt

Administration/Land Owner

Barbara was born and raised in Texas. She taught 13 years in Elementary Special Education in Austin public schools, and has worked as an office administrator for 20 years for various local businesses. Barbara and her husband Jim own the property, and invited Richie and Fran to create their dreams on it.  Barbara is excited about the possibility of teaching sustainability and food growing to children of all ages. Her interests include Ecstatic Dance and Spirituality.

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