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Odd Duck Garden

Food Forest,

Edible Learning Space,

Event Venue

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a diverse, ecologically functioning "Texas Food Forest"; an ecosystem that can support native flora and fauna, and produce enough food for our community.  We want to share and educate others, to conserve/contain/reuse as much water on the land as possible.  We wish to live in an ecologically sustainable environment and create a thriving educational space for all to enjoy.



Odd Duck Garden began in 2020.  Since its beginning, Odd Duck Garden has focused on permaculture, sustainability and community.  As homeowners, we knew we couldn't do it all on our own so we began inviting people to join us in our vision.  It began with Richie Phoenix, utilizing permaculture techniques to design water catchment systems and farm structures to facilitate gardening.  Fran came along with her chickens, ducks, and some really cute rabbits to begin soil regeneration. They built a greenhouse together and Fran began sowing the seeds.  We are in our 3rd growing season and the garden has grown faster than anyone's expectations.

Our Projects

Creating a Sustainable Food Forest,  for people to learn from, eat from and enjoy!

* Creating ponds

* Creating hydroponics system

* 50 Food Producing Beds

* 12 Types of Fruit Trees

* Composting

* Producing Compost Tea

* Irrigation System

* Raising Ducks and Chickens for eggs

* Pollinator and Bee Garden Beds

*Saturday Market Days

Coming Soon

*The further development of a hydroponics system.

*Outdoor Event Space


*Developing hands on tours for children.

 * Outdoor Event Space



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